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Best SQL Editor for Snowflake

1. Snowflake Web UI

The Only official GUI Client is the Snowflake Web Interface. It's elegant, minimalistic, powerful and fully functional and better yet you don't have to install anything, It just runs on your browser.

The only downside being, In the Snowflake browser window, the column names are always hiding and we have to always drag to check each column names

2. Snowflake CLI

Snowflake also offers SnowSQL CLI. Though it is powerful, Its a command line tool and not really a SQL editor, So let's just ignore that for now. 

The good news is Snowflake supports standard ODBC / JDBC Connections. Which means you can just use your favorite SQL Client to connect to Snowflake. (You should not expect to see snowflake specific features though) 

There are many SQL editors that can be used with Snowflake. Here are just some:

3. DBeaver

  • DBeaver has very good integration with snowflake and is really useful for things like:
  • Generated SQL statements - particularly MERGE statements which take forever to create manually
  • Type-ahead completion in SQL and Joins
  • Schema Diffs (though a bit slow) - after cloning production to staging and renaming our "old staging" we like to see if we missed any objects that were on staging but not migrated.
  • Connects to our other data sources with the same client such as RDP MySQL, Postgres etc.
  • Has color coding to help differentiate PROD connections from STAGING - has saved me on tired-eye occasions
  • Mousing over tables or columns will show the comments in the database

4. SQL Workbench

A free SQL query tool various DBMS (PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, HyberSQL, and others). You could use SQL Workbench to query Snowflake.

Most people have seemed to be happy with Snowflake on DBeaver. What is your favorite client? tell us in the comments


posted on 17 Jan 19

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aginitydanMay 14 01:46

At Aginity, we are in beta with a new query tool for Snowflake. Aginity Pro has the traditional SQL IDE capabilities that you expect. It works on Mac and Windows. It has Snowflake specific capabilities like the ability to change your warehouse (compute) quickly from the editor . It also introduces the concept of object oriented SQL allowing you to create and share reusable building blocks . We would love people to come check it out and help us shape the next generation SQL IDE. https://www.aginity.com/main/aginity-pro/

npackMay 16 11:44

@aginitydan - how is aginity different from the traditional querying tools ? Whats the story / why behind your product ?

ccoadOct 21 07:32

Aginity is different from traditional querying tools by allowing you to save your SQL in an active analytics catalog, then referring to the saved SQL by name while coding, and the product then knows to execute the SQL behind the name at run time.  This helps analysts be more efficient when coding by not rewriting SQL and more consistent by using the same code every time they produce a result.  Aginity also does this on the team level.  Check out more here: https://www.aginity.com/active-analytics-catalog/ 

priyabOct 03 03:18

Thank you for sharing, I use DBeaver as its a bit more powerful than Snowflake worksheets. I will surely try out SQL Workbench.

reubsterApr 01 03:10

Hi there, 

Wondered whether anyone's looked at DataGrip & Snowflake yet?

The basic things I need from an IDE are; 
- manage code as an integrated project 
- schema compare 
- git integration 
- intellisense 
- ideally, some sort of change differential rendering. 

Can't quite put it altogether in DataGrip as yet. 

npackApr 01 03:32

Haven't tried DataGrip. Would be helpful for the comunity if you can share your experience (in a post) once you are successful setting it up

UJSP3May 21 11:13

Hi @reubster, did you find a product that did all that you have listed or achieve it with datagrips?

I would consider DbSchema designer as well https://dbschema.com

If is about large databases, with 1000+ tables, you will see a difference with the design tools.

Also some features like schema compare and synchronization, HTML5 schema documentation makes the tool outstanding.

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