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BigQuery Invalid Dataset ID in Cloud Shell

While querying from the google cloud shell, and try to access the dataset and table through python

from google.cloud import bigquery

client = bigquery.Client()
dataset_id = 'mytest-0001:reports_test'
table_id = 'test_data'
dataset_ref = client.dataset(dataset_id)
dataset = client.get_dataset(dataset_ref)
table_ref = dataset_ref.table(table_id)
table = client.get_table(table_ref)
print('Dataset ID: '.format(dataset_id))
print('Description: '.format(dataset.description))

It throws the below error:

google.api_core.exceptions.BadRequest: 400 GET https://www.googleapis.com/bigquery/v2/projects/gcd-my-reporting/datasets/mytest-0001:reports_test: Invalid dataset ID "mytest-0001:reports_test". Dataset IDs must be al
  phanumeric (plus underscores, dashes, and colons) and must be at most 1024 characters long.
With some reason I can't modified the dataset id, Any idea to fixed this?


Make sure you pass,

  • The Project name while initializing the client
  • And specify the dataset id without the project prefix

The code will be:

from google.cloud import bigquery

client = bigquery.Client(project='mytest-0001')
dataset_id = 'reports_test'


posted on 06 Nov 18

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