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Cannot enable SSL for the connection TLS 1.2 Error in Big Query using Simba ODBC Driver

While using the SIMBA ODBC driver if you stumble upon the DNS Configuration error:

"ERROR [HY000] [Simba][DriverSupport] (1160) Cannot enable SSL for the connection when connecting to a server that has not enabled SSL. If the server has SSL enabled, please check if it has been configured to use a SSL protocol version that is lower than what is allowed for the connection. The minimum SSL protocol version allowed for the connection is: TLS 1.2"

Chances are your organization might be using a proxy server to route traffic and the proxy settings are not configured properly in the simba driver. Try the below steps:

  • Open up your ODBC driver settings. You can do that by hitting the windows button and search for "odbc"
  • Open the Simba driver and click on "Proxy settings", the below window will open up. Type in your proxy server name and port. If you do not have this information, talk to your network team to find out


posted on 15 May 20

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