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DATEADD(): Add or subtract from a date column in Snowflake

Adds the specified value for the specified date or time part to a date, time, or timestamp.

To Subtract 7 days from the current timestamp:

select dateadd(day,-7,current_timestamp());

To Subtract 7 months from the current timestamp:

select dateadd(month,-7,current_timestamp());

To Subtract 7 years from the current timestamp:

select dateadd(year,-7,current_timestamp());

To Subtract 7 hours from the current timestamp:

select dateadd(hour,-7,current_timestamp());

To Subtract 7 minutes from the current timestamp:

select dateadd(minute,-7,current_timestamp());

To Subtract 7 seconds from the current timestamp:

select dateadd(second,-7,current_timestamp());

You can do millisecond/nanosecond as well. You can similarly do additions to the timestamp as we did subtract, just by changing the sign.


posted on 15 January 2019

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