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DELETE FROM USING command in Snowflake

Delete command is used to remove data from a table using an optional WHERE clause and/or additional tables


Delete from Employee;


DELETE FROM <table_name>
[ USING <additional_tables> ]
[ WHERE <condition_query> ]

For example, given tables tab1 and tab2 with columns (k number, v number):

select * from tab1;
k | v |
0 | 10 |
select * from tab2;
k | v |
0 | 20 |
0 | 30 |

If you run the following query, both rows of tab1 are joined against the single row of tab2:

 delete from tab1 using tab2 where tab1.k = tab2.k

Because at least one joined pair satisfies the condition, the row is deleted. As a result, after the statement completes, tab1 is empty


posted on 20 Oct 18

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