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How can I split a string using regular expression in BigQuery

I have many values in a column separated by hyphens and i also need to split based on commas into a separate row, Consider Sample data in my column:

"idx1-cnt1-name1,idx2-cnt2-name2... same pattern"

I want to convert to output like below

Row idx cnt name
1 idx1 cnt1 name1
2 idx2 cnt2 name2    
REGEXP_EXTRACT(split_col, r'^(.*?)-.*?-.*?$') AS idx,
REGEXP_EXTRACT(split_col, r'^.*?-(.*?)-.*?$') AS cnt,
REGEXP_EXTRACT(split_col, r'^.*?-.*?-(.*?$)') AS name
SELECT SPLIT(source_field, ',') split_col
FROM (SELECT "idx1-cnt1-name1,idx2-cnt2-name2" source_field)


Row idx cnt name
1 idx1 cnt1 name1
2 idx2 cnt2 name2    


posted on 14 October 2018

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