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How to rename a table in Google Bigquery ?

BigQuery does not allow you to rename a table name or a column name. The only option is to take a copy of the table and specify the new table name in BigQuery, though. This doesn't incur any additional charges other than the additional cost of storage. Once copied, you can delete the original table so you only get charged for the storage once.

How to copy a Bigquery table form WebUI:

From the BigQuery UI, select the table you wish to copy, then push the Copy Table button. Enter the desired new table name

How to copy a Bigquery table form Command line:

If you are a command line geek, you can use the below command to take a copy of a table:

bq cp mydataset.mytable mydataset2.mytable2

Once copied, remember to drop the old table, so you don't end up paying twice for storage


posted on 20 May 20

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