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How to set an Alert on Snowflake storage utilization

Suppose If the table has been truncated.We can restore the table using time travel.In that case Time travel have a huge data.How to check the storage utilization of the Tme travel tables.Is there any specific alert kind of system is there.Suppose 'x' table have more data because of this storage cost should be high.I need some of these kind of alert.How to set an alert.I know resource monitor.Apart from anything is there.Kindly help me to find these.

I am not looking at the resource monitor? I am looking more of interested in setting the alerts some thing like below.

  • query running more than 10 minutes on any warehouse should send email alert?
  • If any warehouse is over loaded in processing then we should get any mail?
  • Any patches/upgrades/planned schedules are done by the snowflake vendor we should get any email alerts.
  • If the snowflake account login page is taking more than 1 minutes. We should get notified.
  • In case of any AWS Snowflake VPC is down we should notify through email. etc..


posted on 12 Mar 20

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npackMar 15 05:46

Few things can be achieved by periodically polling the log tables using a script:

Query running over 10 minutes

  • Overloaded Warehouses
  • Whereas, the below items are internal to snowflake and i dont think we will be table to setup alerts:
  • Patches / upgrades are automatic and internal to Snowflake
  • Snowflake login page delays

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