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Is there a way to create objects in snowflake and other users automatically get privileges to modify obj's with schema owner role?

I know that using role hierarchy we can create on standard role for a schema and that role can be granted to user role and then user can go ahead and modify the objects using that role. I was just trying to explore options to see if there is a way we can make snowflake to automatically understand that you have access to the schema owner role and it can let you do any modifications to objects in the schema. Also by default the objects should be created using the schema owner role. Any thoughts, please little 'r' me?


posted on 01 Feb 20

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npackFeb 03 01:10

After each object is created, the roles has to be assigned to the object to cascade the privileges to all users. To answer your question, there is no way to set it up automatically. But you can always have a recurring process (in unix or any language) that automatically assigns roles on new objects.

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nekkanti009Feb 03 04:25

oh ok, thanks for the details!

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