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Manage Grants privilege to a role at Database Level

Hello there - I was just looking if there is a way we can grant "Manage Grants" Privilege to a role so that that role can be used to grant access to other roles. The reason for granting at DB level is to restrict this role not to have Grant Privileges for some of the databases. I know accountadmin and securityadmin will have the ManageGrant privilege at account level and also know that Managed access can be enabled for a role at schema level, but my requirement is at database levels. Any inputs/suggesions will be appreaciated.

Thanks in advance!


posted on 30 Mar 20

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From the snowflake documentation

  • Manage Grants is only available at ACCOUNT level, not at database level
  • However, The schema owner (i.e. the role with the OWNERSHIP privilege on the schema) can grant privileges on objects in the schema, including future grants. 

So, that is something you could use for your scenario

Thanks for the response and above details. This is what i have read on snowflake documentation but wanted to make sure am not missing anything. 

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