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Need help on Kafka integration with Snowflake

Please help me how to integrate Kafka-> Snowflake ? I  want sink data from Kafka to Snowflake.


posted on 02 Jul 19

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npackJul 02 10:29

@Sanjeevv - Can you provide elaborate details on the current setup, file formats, things you tried so far and what you are planning to achieve ? We will need this basic information to help you out

SanjeevvJul 03 02:40

Hi, I have implemented a project here source systems(oracle) data injested into Kafka (confluent)topics using Oracke golden gate. I want to impkemwnt a solution, copy Kafka topics Dara into Snowflake data warehouse.

npackJul 06 05:19

Im not familiar with the stack that you are using. It would be helpful for others if you can share the approach that worked for you (after you figured it out)

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