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new to Snowflake

Hello Guys,

I am new to Snowflake Warehouse. I am trying to start and learning this.

requesting you guys to please help me in mentioned below points.

1: Best place to get training/ self packed course.

2: How i can do hands-on.

3:What is the market for this in coming 5 years.

4: Is this a good decision to learn this as a carrier build?


posted on 16 Nov 19

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Hello and Welcome to the community !

1. You can start with the free course in this site

2. Unfortunately, there is no free tier to practice snowflake. I am in the works of creating a new course with a practice server. But its not high in my priority list though

3. Data warehouse has always been a booming field, It evolved steadily and Cloud data warehousing is going to be huge

4. Ofcourse it is, You wouldn't regret

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