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Snowflake free account for testing purpose.

I would like to know whether how can I do the testing on snowflake ? Can I be able to create free account for certain duration like 1-3 months


posted on 11 Jun 19

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npackJun 15 12:45

If you are a company - you can signup for a free one month trail (using your company email address) to evaluate snowflake with a 400$ credit If you a individual - and looking to explore snowflake for learning / educating purpose, snowflake doesn't have an option for you currently

dkulkarniAug 30 06:51

You have option of using free trial (for 1 month) with all standard features enabled. You can create another trial account if you want to further use as a trial. There are good hands on tutorial available to make you comfortable while you use your free trail 

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