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Snowflake Training / Course

Now that you are convinced Cloud Data warehouse is for real, How do I get started? The internet has tons of free resources for getting started in Data Warehousing. Feeling overwhelmed with too much information and chaos that we don't know exactly where to start or what to read. Beginners need a small end-to-end project to grasp the principles

This course is exactly tailored for you to get started with Snowflake Cloud Data Warehousing, what you will learn with this snowflake training:

  • Understand Data Warehousing in general and its best practices
  • Understand Dimensional modeling used in Data Warehousing
  • Understand the basics of Cloud and the Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Understand Snowflake Data Warehouse Architecture and its functions
  • Practice Real-world end-to-end projects
  • Help you build your portfolio and provide free access to this helpful community where thousands of other beginners and pros and hacking together

The Snowflake Course has two real end-to-end projects that you can work on from your laptop and it would give you a good intro to the data Warehousing concepts.

Data Warehousing Myths:

Before we begin our journey, let us bust some myths about machine learning and spread some positive vibes:

  • You do not have to understand everything. Gulping in all the data modeling, data analysis can be overwhelming. So do not try to take them all at once, its okay if you don't get it in the first place, just move on with the tutorial you will learn organically.
  • You do not need that Ph.D. degree in statistics to be a Data engineer and you do not have to understand all the intrinsic mechanisms.
  • You do not need to be a SQL Developer. The syntax of the SQL is intuitive. Try to relate and understand the code, This will get you most of the way. So, Just get started and dive into the details later

What is Cloud Data Warehousing?

A data warehouse is a system that pulls together data from many different sources within an organization for reporting and analysis. The data warehouse is then used by the management to generate reports that aid decision making.

Cloud Data Warehouse is the process of building a highly scalable, highly resilient organizational data store on the cloud. There are several cloud data warehouse solutions including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, ...

How Data Warehousing is different from Data Science?

Data Warehouse is all about bringing the organization's data in one place, a single version of truth the company can use for its analytics. Whereas Data Science involves using platforms like Data Warehouse and doing predictive analytics.

Data Warehouse can serve,

  • For traditional reporting - Tableau, Cognos, BO Reports
  • For Predictive analytics / Machine learning
  • Data exploration/mining with tools like SAS, R, Python

So, A Data Warehouse is a company's asset which can serve for retrospective reporting as well as aid as a platform for predictive reporting as well.

Check out the Snowflake Course


posted on 05 Jan 19

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Hi Can you suggest any Certification is available for snowflake?Any lab access for snowflake handson?


Snowflake does offer certifications, Find more details are on their site.
There is no trial or lab access to try Snowflake as far as i know


Hi Naveen,Thanks for your reply.What would be best option to learn Snowflake with hands on?I have good experience in ETL planing to switch the carrier into snowflake..Can you please suggest the options to started getting into snowflake?


You can get started with the free course on copycoding. Since you are into ETL, I assume you might have some prior experience in any of the MPP databases. You should be able to pick up snowflake easily. But if you want to do some hands-on, i am afraid there is no easy way to do it. The trial on the snowflake site is for companies and not developers. Ill very soon spin up a Snowflake instance for developers to learn / practice. I might bundle it with some kind of product / course. So keep an eye on the site for updates


Hi Naveen,Hope you are doing good.Did you get a chance to create a Snowflake instance for developers to learn/practice?


@Karthikb127 Thanks for checking out. I dont have one planned yet. Will definitely keep you in the loop on any updates


Thanks much for your prompt response @npack. your videos are awesome and with detail explanation.Still I have been searching how to do hands on with snowflake.Please do let me know if you know any other option.

Hi I am from ETL back ground and had 6.5 years of exp on ETL.Currently I was looking for other opportunities and technologies.I was bit confused whether to go for Hadoop and spark or In to Snow flake.

If you suggest it will be great help for me to jump in.


Hadoop is dead. Industry is moving away from hadoop to more disruptive cloud platforms. Get yourself into one of the cloud data warehouse, it has very small learning curve and lot of companies are adopting them, so good career prospects


Hi @npack,

Can you please help in bit elaborate since I am also sailing in same boat.I had read some articles in the past like top level companies are using Big-data technologies  very much like Facebook using Hive and spark,where Linked in using Nifi and Kafka much,where Netflix using spark and Kafka much.I was thinking Big data is Next-gen technology. specifically to handle unstructured Data like Logs,pdf,.jpg,audio file and I am also seeing Snowflake also they are using Spark-connectors.I just know at high level Big-data technology has some shortcomings Like Hive is not as like ETL tool even many companies they are using Hadoop as just archive system...


I definitely agree that the companies you mentioned are still using Hadoop. But cloud data warehousing is one of the disruptive technologies. Cloud data warehousing is cheap to set up, reliable, easy to maintain and requires comparatively less skilled resources to build and maintain. (whereas Hadoop is just the opposite). For instance snowflake is growing at 300% a year whereas hortonworks is struggling to survive. Set aside Facebook or Netflix, have you heard of anyone Else saying they are going to erect a new Hadoop cluster, No, all new data warehouses are built on the cloud.


Thanks much Naveen for your prompt response.I just wanted to understand the advantage of snowflake.Thanks for your detailed explanation.


I am having 8 Years experience in DWH Testing and SQL. Can you suggest is it good for me career change. what are skill required to become a snowflake developer. can u guide me how i became snowflake developer. 

thanks in advance


@sreenu Snowflake is rapidly growing in market share. And lots of companies are moving from on-premise to Cloud based solutions. Its the right time to upskill and switch over to Snowflake. 

You can start with this free course mentioned in this article. I am working on next level advanced course as well. keep an eye for it


HI i have good experience as dba in mssql and oracle. but now i want to move to snowflake is there any opportunities to learn and get the jobs if i have what course should learn please advise i am very interested on this snowflake  


I would start with the free course in this site. Then start exploring the official educational content from snowflake academy. And I am big fan of learning through their official documentation pages