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Snowflake Streams and tasks

This is a relatively new feature but has anyone used it so far in a production environment? If so how would you rate this compared to other cloud tools with job orchestration capabilities which integrate/ partner with Snowflake like Matillion, Attunity, Wherescape, Fivetran, HVR, Streamsets, Rivery, Snaplogic, etc? 


posted on 04 Oct 19

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npackOct 06 04:27

This feature seems to be in Preview. Its not in GA.  It looks like a very cool feature. Most enterprise customers bring their own job schedulers so it may take a while for people to fully adopt this solution.

Its a task scheduler within snowflake for snowflake workloads. But most customers would need a solution that would schedule their non-snowflake workloads as well. 

Tasks should be ideal for simple recurring workloads within Snowflake

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